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July 7, 2011 / Omar J. Peters

The Tapestry of Albany

Tapestry Segmentation gives insight into the lifestyles of residents in different parts of cities.

Using demographic and market analysis, Esri divides the U.S. population into 65 distinct segments to provide detailed descriptions of neighborhoods. The Tapestry defines consumer types and can be used as a marketing tool to tailor messages to specific audiences.

This interactive map takes the Tapestry data and shows the predominant profile for each zip code in the U.S.

Take, for example, the Albany, NY area.

Center Square is described as “Metro Renters” (#27). Its residents are young, educated singles just beginning their professional careers. They “will sometimes share housing with a roommate to help defray the cost of their high rent. Metro Renters residents work out regularly at clubs, play tennis and volleyball, practice yoga, ski, and jog.”  They are also seldom TV watchers and vote liberal.

The Midtown area is suitably described as “College Town” (#55).

The Buckingham Lake Neighborhood is “Prosperous Empty Nesters” (14). They are mostly aged 55 and older, retired and have no children living at home. “They exercise regularly and take a multitude of vitamins. They refinish furniture and play golf.”  They also read biographies, mysteries and history books, and watch golf, news and talk shows on TV.


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