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May 5, 2011 / Omar J. Peters

The New New York City Cab

New York City NV200 Nissan

New York City has chosen the new model of taxi cars that will roam its streets in the future. The process was done through a design competition that narrowed down the selection to three mini-van type vehicles.

On May 3, Mayor Bloomberg announced that  the NV200, designed by Nissan North America, Inc., has been chosen as the winner of the Taxi of Tomorrow competition.

The NV200 will be the safest taxi ever used in the City. It will be the first cab with passenger airbags and the first to complete U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash testing with the taxi partition and taxi equipment installed.

The vehicle has a many of first of its kind features: the most comfort for drivers and passengers – including more passenger room than any City taxi ever on the road and a smooth ride designed for passenger comfort; a transparent roof; charging stations for mobile devices; a high fuel efficiency rating; built-in GPS navigation and others.

The City now will enter into final negotiations with Nissan to make the NV200 the first taxicab specially built for use in New York City and the City’s exclusive taxicab for a decade.

Some are already complaining about the design selected saying it’s too soccer mom-ish.


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