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March 19, 2011 / Omar J. Peters

New York by Gehry

Today I visited New York, NY and spent the day touristing the City. Destinations included, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall, Union Square, Columbus Circle, Wall St, and the High Line Park.

The building or site that stood out the most, however, wasn’t the City’s tallest – the Empire State Building, the miles of new parking-protected bike lanes along 8th Ave, or the pocket pedestrian plazas that seem to have sprung out of nowhere into previously trafficked streets (although all impressive), it was New York by Gehry.

In Lower Manhattan, just south of City Hall on Spruce Street, the stainless steel and glass building glistened as the mid afternoon Sun’s rays bounced off the structures wavy exterior.

New York by Gehry is 870 feet tall (76 stories) and is the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. Built by starchitect Frank Gehry (popular for the Guggenheim Museum and the Walt Disney Concert Hall) who wanted to resurrect the bay window through the building’s design, explains the structure’s silhouette that changes based on the angle of view.

Price to rent one-bedroom of 630 sq. ft starts at $3,580/month.


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