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March 3, 2011 / Omar J. Peters

Transition Towns and Cities

Transition Town is a global initiative to prepare our towns and cities for the realities of climate change and peak oil. The author of this recent blog whose hometown of Lancaster, UK is a Transition Town explains what it means to be a Transition Town:

It means that we are part of the international transition network which is a movement of local communities – towns, villages, cities creating positive, practical locally based responses to global challenges. In real terms it means that we as a town are acting locally to try to mitigate the effect of Peak Oil, climate change and whatever else may come along. In Lancaster that means trying to improve local food resilience, making homes more energy efficient, investigating alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, and generally building more resilience into our community.

The movement is based on the reality of peak oil that soon (some say next 2-3 years, or it may have already happened) the demand for oil will outpace supply. The “peak” is when we reach the maximum rate of extraction. After that point, the amount of oil available to extract decreases. Transition Towns take a community-based approach because as the group in Dorchester, UK puts it – waiting on the government will be too late, and acting as individuals will be too little.

Albany, NY has its own Transition Town group – the Capital District Transition Network.


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