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March 2, 2011 / Omar J. Peters

Futurama: The City of Tomorrow (in 1960)

Futurama by General Motors was the more famous “City of Tomorrow” exhibition in the 1939 Worlds Fair, New York. Being a future envisioned by a car company, Futurama focused mostly on transportation (ie: how cars will move safely as fast as possible). It closely resembled the way cities and roads were designed from the 40s and onward.

Some of what it included:

  • 7-lane (one direction) motorways with speeds up to 100 mph
  • highway interchanges and ramps that allows no loss of speed and interference with thru-traffic
  • radio technology to control distance between cars
  • separated commercial, residential and industrial areas for greater efficiency and convenience
  • airports resting in pools of liquid and large enough for dirigibles

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