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January 27, 2011 / Omar J. Peters

Baltimore Opens Up

The Baltimore Sun reported yesterday on the City’s initiative to open up a slew of data and make it available to the public on a new website:   OpenBaltimore

The Sun states that:

Similar initiatives in the District of Columbia, San Francisco, Seattle and elsewhere have spawned programs that enable users of smart phones to find parks, learn whether restaurants have passed health inspections, determine when the next bus arrives and even identify trees.

Before, finding the amount of tax a property collects and the health review of a restaurant would be information one would have to request from the City and hope their request is made.

An example of apps bringing that information directly to city dwellers came by way of Foursquare’s tweet today on a new feature: when users check into a NYC restaurant, they’ll be notified of said restaurant’s health code violations, shifting their decisions whether to eat there or not.


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