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January 18, 2011 / Omar J. Peters

Dubuque, Iowa


Dubuque, Iowa has been labeled as USA’ first Smart City. In 2009, the old industrial city of 60,000 was selected by IT company, IBM to be a prototype city demonstrating its technology that integrates city services such as transportation, water and electricity.

IBM’s efforts for interconnectivity are in hope to encourage awareness about the usage and status of those utilities so smarter management decisions can be made. Smart water meters installed in homes and businesses as a test phase, allow home and business owners to see in real time how much water they’ve used. The idea is that if people know how much they’re using they can better manage and limit their use.

Together with the private/public partnership, technology, and a mayor with an eye for green issues, the City has been successful in getting itself on the map. In 2008, it was called the most livable small city in America by The U.S. Council of Mayors, and in 2010 it ranked top on Forbes list of “The Best Small Cities to Raise a Family.”


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