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January 2, 2011 / Omar J. Peters

Lima, Peru


Lima Panorama via Wikipedia

Lima is the capital of Peru and it is my hope that I will visit that city in April (it is on the list of things of 2011 I am looking forward to). What is one of the features of Lima I am most excited to see?

The Metropolitano – Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system

Historically, Peru has had a privately run bus system under which hundreds of individual operators ran the scenes. It was a system like that currently in Grenada (and many other Latin Amer/Caribbean nations) where the buses are very much a clusterf*ck, and in Lima, a city of 8M people I expect the buses were even more of a mess. In 2007, Lima began construction on the BRT system with plans to make it on par with the famous BRT in Bogota, Columbia. Today, according to Megan McConville on The City Fix blog,

The Metropolitano is a 28-kilometer separated bus corridor stretching north-south through the Lima metro area and passing through its downtown core. Six hundred buses will service 35 stops. 300 of these will be articulated buses running on the trunk route, and more than 200 feeder buses will carry passengers from adjacent areas. The Metropolitano buses will be the first in Latin America to use natural gas, which should help the city curb its severe air pollution. Passengers will pay with smart cards, which offer different rates for students, children, Metropolitano workers, and the general public. The system will be accessible to those with limited mobility, as bus stops, terminals and the central station platforms will be level with bus doors. Schedule information will be posted at all stops. The Metropolitano’s projected ridership is 700,000 passengers per day.


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