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January 1, 2011 / Omar J. Peters

St. George’s, Grenada

View of St. George's from the Carenage

St. George’s is the capital of Grenada, a small (aprx. 110,000 people) island nation in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. I spent some time in the downtown part of St. George’s yesterday for the first time on my holiday visit to Grenada and also the first time in a bit over a year.

New development has occurred in the City, or “Town” as locals call it. Included in the development is a new fish market, bus terminal, indoor shopping malls on reclaimed coastal land, and a cruise ship entry port. Yesterday, there were at least two large cruise ships on the island and many tourists were walking about – easily identifiable because of the white complexion in a predominantly black country. The influx of tourists was no help for the narrow roads of the City, which are already struggling to accommodate the increase in car ownership in Grenada. Many streets were congested with car traffic, taxis trying to hustle a tourist fare, buses, and pedestrians – walking in the
streets because of little or no sidewalks.

Despite this, one can easily understand the tourist’s appeal to see St. George’s, especially its older historical downtown area (as opposed to the commercialized part – Grand Anse). The City is built around picturesque the Carenage, a harbor bay which is shaped as a horseshoe, and has an active market that sells local fruits, vegetables, spices and crafts daily.

Part of the Market

View of tunnel traffic


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